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Massage Therapy

Types of Massage therapy We offer

  • Swedish Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Myofascial
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy

Your symptoms are addressed by the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), who provide a tranquility and relaxation massage. To relieve any discomfort you might be experiencing, they aim for the spot. They provide more precise treatment based on your diagnosis while under the guidance of doctors.

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Massage FAQs

  • What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit?

    You’ll have to complete a HIPAA Acknowledgment form and sign a Client Intake Form. After that, a doctor or case manager will ask you some basic questions to assess what areas you want addressed, if any concerns require treatment, and whether or not massage is appropriate for you. In order to evaluate your condition, your massage therapist may conduct certain exams and tests.

    It’s vital for the counselor to understand all of your health concerns and medications, so that the treatment can be tailored to your needs without causing any harm. It’s likewise critical to inform the therapist if you have any allergies so he/she understands whether a different oil or lotion will be required during the session.

  • What is included in the session time?

    In order for your massage therapy to be truly customized, it needs time for you to dress and undress, as well as time to talk with the therapist. To ensure that each and every Advanced Spinal & Rehab massage session meets or exceeds your expectations, we do this.

  • How early should I arrive for my massage?

    Prior to their treatment, new clients should fill out paperwork with their doctor or case manager and arrive 10 minutes early for their massage. Returning clients should check in 5 minutes before their appointment.

  • Which massage is right for me?

    You and your therapist will discuss which modalities are most appropriate for you to receive the best benefit from your massage before your session begins.

  • Will the massage hurt?

    Depending on the kind of massage therapy and the degree of penetration, this may vary. It should not hurt to have a light, relaxing massage that does not go into the muscles deeply. Yet, there is a “it feels nice” and an “ouch, please stop it” kind of hurt.

    Always stay in the “feels good” pain range with a decent massage, even a really deep tissue massage. Muscle pain relief might be a sign that the tissue is damaged or swollen, and pressure should be changed accordingly. Additionally, if you are in pain, the massage’s calming effects may be negated. Always work with your body’s natural response, not against it, in the most effective and deepest massage.

  • How often should I get a massage?

    Everyone’s experience is different. A session every 3-6 weeks might be appropriate for you if you’re just seeking some occasional relaxation. It is, however, advised to gradually reduce to a maintenance schedule if you are looking to remedy a certain problem. Until your objectives are achieved, and a maintenance schedule is in place, you may find 60-minute sessions to be more effective.

  • Am I expected to tip my massage therapist?

    It’s never expected that you tip, but it’s always appreciated. The typical tip for great service is between 10% and 25%, so if you have gotten outstanding treatment and would like to thank the practitioner, please do. Receiving a “thank you for excellent service” gratuity, on the other hand, is always welcome from the therapist’s standpoint.

    The tip may be added to the total when paying with a credit card or check. After your treatment, when your massage therapist has a better understanding of your individual muscle concerns, it is important to discuss the frequency of sessions.

  • Do I have to listen to meditation music or new age music during my massage?

    You may choose from different music or no music at all, depending on the therapist. (There is nothing wrong with that.) Several therapists play slower, quieter, ‘new age’ type of music. According to studies, slower music has a calming, peaceful impact on the body and may therefore enhance your experience.

    However, while this may be true, any music you like to listen to while you relax can be played while you get a massage. If it relaxes you and you enjoy it at home, why would it not do the same during your treatment? It is perfectly okay to bring your own music with you to your session from home (I-Pod only).

  • Are there any cancellation fees?

    Cancelled appointments or those with less than 24 hours notice will cost $25.00 ($50 charge for couples massage). If you need to reschedule your appointment, please give 24 hours notice so that others may have that hour.

  • Do I have to be completely undressed?

    You should remove your clothes to a level that feels comfortable. Most people get totally naked for a full-body massage. Leaving your underwear on, however, is acceptable if you feel more comfortable during the session. As best they can, the therapist will work around the clothes you left behind.

    You are not getting the greatest benefit from the session if you are too afraid and unable to relax while removing all your clothes. You are not getting the most out of the session if you are too anxious and cannot relax while removing all of your clothes. To give you space to undress and get comfy on the table, your massage therapist will exit the room.

  • Do I have to cover myself with a sheet or towel?

    The therapist will only uncover the portion of your body being treated once you are naked and on the table beneath the drape. The female and male genitals, as well as the breasts, will remain covered. A second sheet will be used to cover the breasts while the primary sheet is moved to uncover a woman’s abdomen if the counselor intends to work on her abdomen.

  • What do I do during a massage treatment?

    Get comfortable. Your therapist will either move you or request that you relocate, whatever is required if she/he requests it. Otherwise, whenever you feel more comfortable, change your position.

    During a session, many people close their eyes and relax completely; others prefer to talk. It’s your decision to make. The most effective way to relax is whatever feels comfortable to you. At any time, please do not be afraid to inquire.

  • Can I talk during my session?

    Of course, feel free to discuss it if you want. It’s important to keep in mind that this treatment is about you relaxing and having a good time. Many therapists advise that you not speak, hoping that you will relax, release your thoughts, and enjoy a massage state of relaxation. Beginning a massage therapy by being more honest may make people feel more at ease, and quiet states of relaxation may emerge as the massage proceeds.

    More specifically, there are instances when you must speak out. You should let your therapist know right away if anything makes you uncomfortable. Also, let him/her know if the room is too bright, if you’re too hot or cold, or if the pressure needs to be changed (lighter or deeper). If something isn’t right for you, speak up! Everything is OK!

  • How long will a massage treatment last?

    On time, all massage therapies begin and finish. If you choose to arrive 10 minutes early for your session, there is no need to worry about interrupting your scheduled time. We provide a 60-90 minute session that is designed to help you relax. Prior to and after the treatment, allow yourself time to relax.

  • When should I not get a massage?

    Massage might be prevented from happening for a variety of reasons. If you have a fever, are sick with cold/flu, or have contracted a contagious skin infection, don’t reserve a massage. That’s all she wrote. Your practitioner may have to modify his/her methods (i.e., arthritis or osteoporosis) or avoid a region entirely in a variety of other circumstances.

    Before you receive a massage (cancer, specific heart problems, or pregnancy), it is a good idea to get your doctor’s approval under certain circumstances. This does not imply you can’t receive a massage. However, being cautious is always a good idea. Your unique requirements may be addressed by your therapist.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    Honestly, I’m not sure. Every individual is different, and each person’s situation is unique. It might take one or more sessions. Following your initial session, you and your counselor will be able to discuss this in greater depth. Your counselor will have had an opportunity to study your body’s tissues.

  • How will I feel after my massage treatment?

    The majority of individuals feel calm and comfortable. Some people experience a substantial reduction or elimination of persistent aches and pains. Others experience a brief impairment of energy, increased awareness, and improved productivity that may last for days after they feel a little sluggish at first. You might be a little tender the next day if you had a deep massage, much as after a good workout at the gym. For discomfort, we suggest icing for twenty minutes every few hours.

    You should drink more water following your session. It’s generally safe to drink a little bit more than usual. This assists in the hydration and upkeep of your body’s tissues.

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How Do Our Patients Feel About Us
  • "I’ve been coming here for a few months to help with my back pain. They have helped my physical health but also my mental health. It’s so nice to do some scheduled self care each week. The doctors and front desk staff are all so sweet and so welcoming. When you come in you can always expect a big smile and hello from Ann."

    - Eleanor H.
  • "First and foremost Dr John is the best human! I’ve gone through numerous different chiropractor practices and could not speak more highly about the service and care that I’ve received from Advanced Spinal Care. They’ve made treatment affordable and comprehensive. I’ve also had difficulty with being adjusted in a beneficial way in the past, but I don’t feel that way going to Advanced Spinal Care. No matter which team member I see I know I’m in good hands and I leave feeling better than before (which is huge for me). I definitely recommend their services for chiropractic care and physical therapy."

    - Shelby I.
  • "From day one, this office has been very welcoming. No judgments. (At least, not that I know of) The doctors are all very knowledgeable, down to earth, and honestly just want the best for each individual patient. The front staff are a wonderful bunch that is always happy to greet you and can get you on the schedule in a snap! This Team has had me pain free for quite awhile now. Such an amazing feeling it is.5 STARS and hats off to the whole office. Would recommend them 24/7!"

    - Amy H.
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