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Step 2 of Longevity & Vitality: Diet

Dieting can be challenging for a lot of people. The ways we consume our food vary day by day. Some days I don’t want to eat the leftovers I planned for myself today- so I eat a bowl of ramen. Other days I don’t even eat a real meal- I just eat candy and snacks. Eating this way isn’t going to kill me. Why? Because I have found a balance. I have read that eating consciously, as in smelling food for ten seconds, thinking about the effects of every ingredient, and aesthetically presenting the food, results in remarkable benefits (Willcox et al., 2002). Here are two ways you can create a better diet that promotes longevity and vitality today.

How to Achieve Longevity & Vitality Today

The average life expectancy for Americans has become increasingly low. Based on findings from evolutionary biologists, human bodies are built to last at least 120 years.

Ideas for Pain Management

Everyone suffers from physical pain at least once a month. If you’re like me- it’s more like once a day! My research shows that pain signals our bodies when we are in pain to alter something to get us back to normal.

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