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Car Accident Chiropractic Care

Car Accident Chiropractor

Advanced Spinal & Rehab specializes in chiropractic treatment for patients who have been involved in an auto accident. Dr. John is a highly trained and licensed car accident chiropractor in Shoreview, MN. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to an accident, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll help alleviate your pain and fully recover following a car accident.

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Common Car Accident Injuries We Treat

Chiropractic Care for Car Accidents

Few things can disrupt your daily life as quickly as a car accident. Injuries and pain that follow can have a significant effect on your daily activities and the responsibilities we all have. Suddenly it can be difficult to take care of your kids, go to your job, or focus in your meetings and classes. Combine this with dealing with insurance adjusters, car insurance policies, and possibly lawyers, and your world just became complicated and a bit scary.

Why Choose Advanced Spinal & Rehab for Car Accident Injury Treatment?

We at Advanced Spinal & Rehab specialize in car accident chiropractic care for over 20 years. There are several things that make visiting us following an accident a wise decision. First, with on-site digital x-rays and years of experience, Advanced Spinal & Rehab is a great starting point to determine your degree of injury and direction of care. If further imaging or referrals are required, we’ll refer you for those services. We’ll interface between your car insurance, health insurance, and lawyers as needed for your case. We will also handle all billing so that you’re not spending hours on the phone with insurance adjusters.

For all cases billed through third-party car insurance, we’ll wait until your case is closed to collect any payment for chiropractic treatment. This is important to us because many patients are unable to work and have lost income as a result of their accidents. We’ll wait until the case is closed and accept payment from the insurance company at that time. This takes the burden off of you so you can use your money for your vehicle, your bills, and the people who depend on you.
Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

Thanks to all our past clients who have taken the time to leave us a kind review & feedback!

Dr. Spencer and Dr. John are amazing. I got my back into shape in no time. Their staff is amazing as well. They will fit you in even if you do not have an appointment and everyone is super nice, courteous, helpful and just a pleasure to see each week.

    Jen S

    Dr. Ashley is super friendly and she honestly cares about my rehab. She gives me many strategies so I can feel better. This facility also has the most flexible hours that I've seen.

      Emily K

      They are great, efficient, and knowledgable. Trust them with my back and my sons.

        Frank M

        Started a maintenance plan and have a great experience with chiropractic. The massage therapist is truly gifted. I've had massages all over the country and they are fantastic!

          Amy T

          Perfect Body Posture Gives You More Confident to Walk

          At Advanced Spinal & Rehab we specialize in family chiropractic services in Shoreview MN. During your first visit, we’ll assess your total health picture by asking questions to learn about your lifestyle and work habits.