Lisa K., Sept. 1, 2016

Hands down the BEST place to go for chiropractor! Dr. John and the team at Advanced Spinal Care & Rehab are AMAZING! Top chiropractic care, friendly, relaxed environment and Dr. John takes the time to find out the cause of the issue to get you back to health. High recommended!! Finally I found ease from my back pain.

Christy C., August 10, 2016

I play Roller Derby and my IT band in my right leg kept causing pain and I could tell I was out of whack.My spine was out of alignment. I am going in for my 3rd visit and it has been feeling so good. Dr.John is very professional–he sits down with you and explains how he does his therapy. I am going to get much stronger and be quicker. He is my HERO! and I am in for the rejuvenation and long haul so looking forward to hiring his massage specialist.

Mike N., May 12, 2016

I found Dr. John after much research and consultation with various doctors and chiropractors related to my lower back disc herniation (diagnosed by MRI). I was experiencing severe sciatic pain that was causing me issues with walking, sitting or even laying down. Most doctors recommended meds to tolerate the pain and there were even discussions on injections and surgery along with rehab. It seemed a lot of the recommendations were around trying to fix the problem with surgery instead of trying to correct the root cause of the problem with therapy, rehab and adjustment first (which of course may take longer). Chiropractors I visited prior to Dr. John tried to get me to commit to months of treatment at large sums of money. Dr. John was very open from the first visit that this issue can be resolved over time with the proper care and treatment (and hard work on my part). This includes initial work to correct the issues and then maintenance to stay on track long-term. As a professional myself in the health and fitness industry, these concepts made a lot of sense to me and I appreciated some of the science we discussed related to my particular problem. In addition, his rates were very competitive for treatment and he was first to recommend scaling back the frequency of my visits as I showed progress. I have now been a patient of Dr. John’s for well over a year and I am happy to report that he has helped me recover from my lower back disc herniation. We used a combination of exercise, manual and subtle machine adjustments to make progress. My standard of living is almost back to normal and I have resumed my workouts and active lifestyle. I continue to see Dr. John on a weekly basis for maintenance. Thanks Dr. John!

Denise U., Feb. 1, 2016

Dr. John works hard to help you restore your body to full capacity. He takes the time to check in with you to ensure that your care is working for you. Everyone is different, and he gets that. It is not a one size fits all mentality! Thanks Dr. John

Dawn F., July 29, 2015

Dr. John is pretty fabulous, he’s helping out so much. Just being able to sleep most of the night and not be in pain is a good thing.