Should I see a Chiropractor?

A Doctor of Chiropractic specializes in the treatment, care, and maintenance of the spine. The Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to diagnose and correct a subluxation. With chiropractic adjustments, the doctor is able to return the subluxated vertebrae back to as normal as a position as possible. The adjustment relieves the pressure on the nerve, thus allowing the nerve signals to flow freely from the brain (the control center) to the body’s organs.

What types of care does Advanced Spinal Care and Rehab offer?

Relief Care: Relief care is treatment that is necessary to get rid of your symptoms or pain. This type of care does not, however, correct the cause of your pain or symptoms. It is the same as putting a pail under a leaky faucet which keeps the water from going everywhere, but does not fix the leak.

Why would I choose relief care?

Some people may choose relief care because of financial circumstances or personal priorities, but many others choose relief care because they don’t understand the benefits of corrective care.
Relief care is for the temporary relief of pain or symptoms. You will only receive temporary relief from your pain or symptoms, because the cause of the pain or symptoms has not been corrected.

Corrective Care is exactly how it sounds ~ it corrects the problem. Let’s say a person is experiencing headaches. He can take an aspirin, but that will only give him temporary relief from his symptom. Instead, he can get adjustments to correct the misaligned vertebrae in his neck, thus restoring the blood flow supply to his brain. Relief care would have only focused on giving the person relief from the headaches. Corrective care instead goes to the root of the problem, the misaligned vertebra, and corrects the misalignment.

How long would I need to be in Corrective Care?

It is not always possible for everyone to reach complete correction. Your doctor will inform you the severity of your problem and discuss with you whether or not correction is possible. If correction is not possible, your doctor can develop a program that will allow you the greatest improvement possible. If correction is possible, on average it takes from 1-6 months of intensive care followed by 3-15 months of stabilization.

Once you have stabilized, you would then proceed to maintenance care which would be a visit once a week to once a month. Your doctor will evaluate your needs with you. Think of a person who has braces. Initially, they are going to the dentist quite often to have their braces tightened to get their teeth moved to where they should be. As the teeth become straighter, the visits become less often. But once the teeth are straight, they will use a retainer to keep the teeth straight. It is the same with chiropractic care, progressing from relief, to corrective to maintenance care will first provide relief, then correct the problem and finally maintain what you have achieved.